Which Fundraising Products Should You Sell This Fall?

Fall fundraisers are a great way to kick off the year and add funds to your program’s annual budget. The school year is new, everyone’s excited, and there are plenty of events, holidays, and games where you can raise money through fundraisers and donations.

Also, fall and winter are big seasons for giving, as “30% of annual giving occurs in December,” according to Crowd101. While it’s important to pick the right time and get your volunteers engaged in the fundraiser, it’s just as important to pick the right fundraising product.

While some catalog-based products might appear more profitable, they could also introduce many logistical difficulties, like delivering orders. Products you can sell directly are versatile and convenient, but you might face a lot of competition from other school programs, sports directors, and after-school organizations that are running their own fundraisers.

If you’re weighing the pros and cons of different fundraising products, turn to this quick list of suggestions, learn about the advantages of each one, and plan to take the next step in your fundraiser.