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Traditional fundraising, while still effective, can have its roadblocks. With Launch, you can take that same process, simplify it and drive even higher profits by using our technology. Launch allows you to have everything you need for a successful fundraiser right at your fingertips. With an easy-to-use and organized platform, your team will be able to track their performance and goals all in one place. Our platform can also help guide you through your fundraiser to give you the most success.


Simplify the fundraising process and drive higher profits by utilizing Launch. We help save you time and money, allowing your team or group to focus on what they love to do!

Keeps the Fundraiser
Front & Center

Fundraising can encompass a wide variety of tasks, and you know that keeping the main goal of the fundraiser at the forefront is crucial for your success! Get rid of any outside distractions or confusion by utilizing Launch leaderboards.

Our leaderboards help keep the main goal of the fundraiser at the top of your mind. It gives you a clear and concise goal that can make it easy to explain to those around you exactly what their donations will be going to.

Allow your team to fundraise with confidence!

Encourages Friendly Competition

Not only do our leaderboards show you exactly where you are, but you’ll be able to see how everyone else is doing! This can also be a fun way to showcase some friendly competition!

With Launch, you’ll be able to see where you are in comparison to your peers and even see how much you would need to bring in, in order to be the top performer. A little friendly competition can be a great way to encourage your team to push to that final goal.

Makes Tracking
a Breeze

Keep your team on pace with real-time tracking. This feature allows parents, coaches, stakeholders, and any other helping adults to see exactly where their team is. You’ll be able to have full access to donation numbers, top performers, and how close you are to reaching your goal. This feature gets rid of paperwork, cash transactions, and other forms that can come with traditional fundraising, saving you time and energy.

Everyone can have full peace of mind knowing everything they need to know is in one convenient place.

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