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Living in a Modern World


In today’s modern world, paperwork can seem like a bit of a task from the past. Not only do you then have to keep track of that paper but then you have to organize it, drop it off to the right people and hope that they keep track of it!

Our digital fundraising platform eliminates any annoying paperwork that you may have to do when it comes to fundraising. Everything you need is right on our platform. Not only can this help keep you more organized by having everything in one place, but it can also help you focus on your team and provide them with a successful fundraiser.

An Evolved
Fundraising Solution

As our world develops into a more digital age, so should your fundraising! Launch Fundraising allows you to keep up with our technology-based world while still maintaining a fun and successful fundraiser.

With almost everything being online, there are certain expectations that come with that. Instead of having to turn down donations due to a lack of cash or not having the proper documents with them, you can use our platform and have everything in one handy place.

Simplify the
Fundraiser Process

Our digital forms are easy to use and even easier to read! Within these forms, you will know exactly what to fill out and what information is necessary to collect. Eliminate any potential confusion and give your donors the ease of knowing exactly what they are putting their money towards.

Everything with Launch is simplified and your team will be able to fundraise without any of the annoying tasks and paperwork that comes with traditional forms. All you have to do is set the goals and go out and fulfill them!

for You

Paperless forms are actually more cost-effective than you may realize! With fundraising, the whole point is to raise money for a specific cause, but with traditional paperwork, you may be spending more money than you need! From printing and going back and forth from the store to purchase ink, our paperless forms eliminate all of that!

Not only are they cost-effective for you, but also environmentally friendly! The less paper you use it affects our Earth in numerous positive ways! Digital paperwork is more simple, more cost-effective, and saves the environment. What more could you want?

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Launch is easier to use you than you think and more effective to fundraise with than you’d believe.

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