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When it comes to handling money for fundraising, it can be stressful no matter how many times you’ve done it! Launch Fundraising offers touchless transactions so that you can collect money easily without any of the stress that often comes with cash-only orders. This feature allows you to collect and raise money with everything easily organized in one place.

With our touchless transactions, you’ll be able to turn in your fundraising donations knowing with full confidence that the money is there and has been handled properly! This is great for kids, parents, and coaches because it allows you to stay organized and keep track of the money that you’ve worked so hard to raise.

Living in a
Post-COVID World

Not only are touchless digital transactions a more convenient way to collect donations, but it is much more sanitary. 2020 taught us a lot, specifically in regard to how we can adopt digital payments. By utilizing cash-free transactions you’ll be able to stay more organized and keep yourself and those around you safe from any potential contamination.

You may also have people that some people may feel more comfortable doing touch-free options. In fact, many people just don’t carry cash like they used to, making online donations the best option. This can help boost your donation pool since it gives people the option to do what makes them most comfortable!


Digital payments have truly become one of the main ways that people do business. Nearly everything can be done online. With our digital transactions feature, you’ll be able to reach many more people than you would just locally. This can help you reach your goals even faster!

You can connect with friends and family who may live in different areas and help open up your donation pool! Ultimately digital payments can even be a more secure way of processing money, allowing the people in your life to feel safe and secure sending you their donations!

for You

While cash is the traditional way to collect donations, there are many aspects that can make managing that money a bit stressful. With our digital payments, you can eliminate all the back and forth from the bank, counting, and organization that comes with collecting cash.

Our platform makes it easy for people to electronically donate while keeping their money safe. From there you, your parents, and your coach, can easily see how much you’ve raised, where you are in relation to your goal, and even set new goals based on your progress!

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