Raise Money from your Phone with Mobile Fundraising

Fundraising for a project can be hectic, and that’s especially true amid a pandemic. Most of the time, you have to deal with issues of limited time, the fear of not raising enough money for the project, navigating through the fundraising process, or coping with the huge paperwork involved in conventional fundraising methods.

But there’s an easier way to raise funds for your project! Mobile fundraising simplifies the process, spares time for other duties, and helps you raise more within a shorter period. Considering that the average text-to-give donation is $107 and 51% of non-profit website visits are done through mobile devices, there is ample room for growth within mobile fundraising.


    Online Giving

    2020 helped shed light on the future of most businesses. Amid a pandemic, people continue working and there are no better ways of keeping businesses alive than online platforms. Non-profit organizations followed the same trends by moving most of their programs online, and local fundraising is in a position to follow suit.

    Online giving was among the activities that achieved significant growth during the year. Compared to 2019, most non-profit organizations recorded positive growth in online giving. Large organizations recorded 15% growth, while small and medium organizations recorded a growth of more than 20%. Longitudinal analysis shows online fundraising grew by 32.4% between 2018 and 2020.

    Mobile Giving

    The use of mobile devices has grown significantly since the advent of the smartphone. Individuals can now access services and complete transactions through their mobile devices. Mobile giving has assumed the same trend, where a section of donors is now donating funds through mobile devices.

    A study by Blackbaud Institute shows an accelerated growth of mobile giving as a percentage of total funds raised from donors, having moved from a low of 9% in 2014 to a high of 28% in 2020. The significance of mobile devices in giving is expected to maintain an upward trajectory in the coming decade. If you are currently using the online fundraising methods only, it is time to incorporate mobile methods to expand your partner base.



    Using mobile devices to raise funds for your project revolutionizes your fundraising experience. The mobile devices simplify the process in the following ways:

    Contactless Transactions

    Although touchless transactions have been in use for quite some time now, the COVID-19 pandemic drastically increased its popularity. A recent Synchrony Digital study shows a change in consumer behavior, where more and more consumers are choosing contactless transactions as their preferred method of making payments. The study also shows that consumers increase their spending when touchless transactions are made available.

    This consumer behavior spills over to fundraising. Donors are more likely to make higher donations towards your project than they would do through physical money, checks, or money orders.

    Organization of the Fundraising Process

    The use of mobile transactions helps you to organize funds for your project. The transactions are automatically entered into your records in structured and easy-to-understand layouts. It also eliminates the possibility of human errors common in fundraisers.

    Eliminate Paperwork

    Mobile devices help you eliminate the paperwork needed for the process. Since the transactions are touchless, donors are not required to fill in physical forms. You’re also not required to maintain hard copy records of donations. Eliminating the use of papers in the fundraising process reduces the stationery and clerical expenses while improving accuracy and efficiency.

    Donation Programs

    Incorporating mobile phones in your digital fundraising platforms helps you to take advantage of donation programs like Hour-a-Thons. Hour-a-Thons and other similar platforms enable people to make donations without purchasing anything from your fundraiser, combining the power of fundraising and crowdfunding.


    As a coach or other leader, you can track fundraising progress from your phone with live leaderboard capabilities. In addition, mobile transactions reduce audit queries as other stakeholders can view the transactions from their devices. As a result, you are better able to monitor the progress of participants throughout the fundraising process.

    Simple Social Sharing

    Most people use their smartphones to access social media accounts. About 72% of US adults use at least one social media platform. Sharing your fundraiser on social media helps share your message with more potential donors. Research shows that 55% of people who learn of your appeal for funds on Twitter will take action, while 57% of people who view your YouTube videos will make a donation.



    Statistics show that mobile fundraising will define the success of future fundraisers. The use of mobile fundraising platforms will no longer be an option, but a priority for most organizations. The next step is adopting a mobile platform that integrates all the benefits of mobile fundraising so you can improve your efforts.

    Launch Fundraising has you covered! Whether you are raising funds for a students’ project, sports activities, or any other not-for-profit project, Launch Fundraising offers you an easy, convenient, and successful method of achieving your goals. Reach out now to get started!