Launch Fundraising: The GoFundMe Alternative for Powerful Fundraisers

One of the biggest challenges with traditional fundraisers is the amount of paperwork and physical hassles involved with fund collection. Modern movement into the world of digital fundraising has given rise to one of the most popular options across the world — GoFundMe.

There are many reasons why GoFundMe has risen to prominence in recent years, but the truth is that there are even better options that can help you improve your fundraising success in 2022. If you’re looking to upgrade your fundraising platform, Launch Fundraising is the perfect option.

Why Do People Love GoFundMe?

GoFundMe is undoubtedly one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms relied upon by companies and individuals when raising money for different charitable causes. Here are some of the reasons why it’s grown to be this big:

Easy to set up

GoFundMe has one of the quickest set-up processes, with no subscription fees required when starting a campaign. It is also easy to connect a card when sending donations. Their easy-to-use interface allows you to locate everything you need almost instantly.

No funding restrictions

Other funding sites have the all-or-nothing model, where the money is refunded when you fail to meet the funding goals. With GoFundMe, any cash raised goes towards the cause, regardless of how much has been raised.


GoFundMe has built a solid reputation by ensuring that the recipient’s funds are always secured. Plus, the name-brand notoriety builds trust among donors — they know the GoFundMe name, and thus, are more willing to donate.

GoFundMe Limitations

Though the positives are undeniable, here are some of the downsides of using the GoFundMe platform to raise funds for your school’s extracurricular activities:

Little differentiation between crowdfunding and fundraising

Crowdfunding and fundraising can be slightly different concepts, where the former is concerned with donating money for various causes while the latter often involves an exchange that benefits both parties. GoFundMe makes no clear distinction between the two and lacks the option to sell products, limiting the funding strategies you can implement.

Inadequate progress reporting

GoFundMe has an easy-to-use interface, but the main challenge comes when you’re trying to track progress as the interface only shows progress towards your total goal. What about tracking how each individual participant is raising funds? When you can track individual contributions on a leaderboard-style chart, you are able to encourage underperforming participants and create an environment of competition to raise the most funds.

Processing fees

While GoFundMe does not have any platform fees, it has a fixed 2.9% and 30 cents charge on every donation processed through them, ultimately cutting into the funds available for your campaign.

More work than you can handle

You may have to sacrifice personal time if you want to make more from the campaign. Running a successful GoFundMe campaign will see you spending more time on marketing and outreach programs besides your usual responsibilities.

Limited Account Management

When organizing a GoFundMe campaign, it’s on you to set up the fundraiser, establish best practices, and raise your money. Launch Fundraising, on the other hand, connects you with a dedicated account manager to set up the campaign, show you how to get the most out of the system, and raise more money.

Launch Fundraising: The Best GoFundMe Alternative

Launch Fundraising builds on all the helpful features in GoFundMe and includes extra features to give you more fundraising strategies and a stress-free experience. It takes a slightly different approach by providing an intuitive dashboard to track contribution progress down to the individual performances by each participant.

With the live leaderboard, you can track every student’s performance in the fundraising activity, triggering more active participation.

Ranking the leaders in a fundraising event makes it easy to incentivize top performance, a key ingredient for driving a viral campaign that will cut your marketing workload and encourage more contributions.

Improve Your Efficiency

Fundraising for programs is not as easy as many people might think. As a club leader or sports coach, you will be forced to assume different roles, such as spokesperson and manager of the funds drive, in addition to your regular duties like running practice and mentoring the students. A technology solution that frees you from dealing with too much paperwork when fundraising can help you streamline many other processes.

A tool like Launch Fundraising makes it easier to manage an efficient funds drive, even for schools with little fundraising experience. What’s more, it allows you to do all those fun activities you would usually do with in-person events, like offering discount cards and customized products.

Funding strategies for extracurricular activities usually require easy-to-implement solutions, which are relatable with the surrounding community, and encourage school-wide participation. Launch Fundraising provides the easiest and most efficient way of running your campaigns when there’s little in-person contact between you and the kids or the school and the community.

The Easy Solution to Fundraising

Budget allocations always favor academic programs over extracurricular, because schools are in the knowledge business, after all. As administrators contend with financing classroom activities, learners and teachers must look to other funding sources for their extracurriculars. Conventionally, fundraising has been the go-to option for parents and teachers who are unwilling to see their programs being dropped.

Modern fundraising strategies should provide a safe and trustworthy environment, protecting donors from potential fraudsters and guaranteeing funds security for beneficiaries. As the perfect GoFundMe alternative, Launch Fundraising builds on these useful features and more, making it easy to raise money online for various school activities.

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