Breaking Down the Timeline of a Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Great fundraisers set the stage for a great year. The donations and extra money you can gather during a well-run fundraiser allow you to develop a more enriching program, buy great equipment and supplies, and ensure your transportation costs are covered. There are three key factors that PTAs, program directors, and fundraising groups need to determine before a fundraiser can get underway:

  • The product: There are lots of different crowd-pleasers that are easy to sell and that your volunteers, students’ parents, and donors will love. Some big winners are popcorn, candy, discount cards, beef jerky, and, of course, cookie dough.
  • The season: We generally recommend fall fundraisers for school and extracurricular fundraisers. Excitement about the new school year is high, and you can use the outcome of your fundraiser to plan out your budget for the rest of the year. Also, the fall season has a lot of holidays, events, and festivals where you can set up a booth and sell your products.
  • The timeline: Some fundraisers last a few weeks, while others last a few months. Other fundraisers are centered around a single event. Choosing the right timeline for your fundraiser makes all the difference.